Last Blog

This will be my last posting on Brittany’s Blog. However, I will be continuing to post about our adventures on our blog. Frank and I were married in June, and it makes sense to now marry our blogs. We’ve also decided to merge our blogs to help our readers as having entries in multiple places can dilute our presence and hinder conversations that appear as post responses. We feel that posting our blog entries in one place will help 14erskiers become more self-sufficient and will help create an even stronger presence for us on the Internet.

I’d like to thank my readers for their ongoing support. Please continue to follow me at our blog!


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What we’ve got

We’ve been waiting for this. We’ve been waiting for far too long. On Saturday morning, we were awakened by the sound of a snow plow. The building shook as the mighty machine scraped the two inches of snow off the parking lot pavement and dumped it on top of our tiny snow banks. It’s been a bad snow year so far. There’s no debate about it. And while last year two inches of fresh felt like dust on crust, this year’s dry spell has made two inches feel more like two feet. It was declared a powder day…

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Good-bye 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone! While we welcome 2012, but at the same time, I’m sad to say good-bye to 2011. The past year has been full of some of the greatest and most memorable adventures. From a fantastic winter to finishing my 14er project, a spring full of fantastic skiing, our wonderful wedding followed by the perfect honeymoon, a fall full of fun riding and a few early-season pow-days. 2011 was simply a fantastic year for us….

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